Swingers Package

Unforgettable Swingers Yacht Cruise in Puerto Vallarta

A Sensual Adventure - Swingers Yacht Cruise

3 Days / 2 Nights

Day 1: Swingers Yacht Cruise in Puerto Vallarta - Embarking on a Sensual Adventure

Morning: Welcome Aboard

Begin your exotic journey with a warm welcome from our friendly crew as you step onto your luxurious yacht. Sip on welcome cocktails and indulge in a lavish breakfast prepared by our onboard chef while you cruise toward your first tantalizing destination. The excitement of what's to come sets the perfect mood for swingers yacht cruise in Puerto Vallarta.

Late Morning: Los Arcos Exploration

Your first stop is the mesmerizing Los Arcos National Marine Park. Dive into the crystal-clear waters for an exhilarating snorkeling session, exploring vibrant marine life and the famous natural rock formations. Swim through underwater tunnels and marvel at the coral reefs. Share these thrilling experiences with other adventurous souls, creating unforgettable bonds.


Afternoon: Private Beach Fun

Continue south to discover secluded private beaches. Enjoy a gourmet lunch on the yacht, followed by exciting water activities such as jet skiing, paddleboarding, and swimming in the pristine waters. This is your time to connect, laugh, and play in a paradise that feels like it’s all your own.

Evening: Sunset and Seduction at Las Caletas

As the sun sets, we arrive at the enchanting Las Caletas. Indulge in champagne and a romantic dinner on the yacht before heading ashore for an evening of seduction. Experience the magic of the "Rhythms of the Night" show, created by the Cirque du Soleil team. Afterwards, enjoy a sensual dance under the stars, embracing the allure and intimacy of the night.

Night: Overnight Anchorage

Return to the yacht for a serene night anchored in calm waters. Enjoy a nightcap and retreat to your private cabin, where a bottle of champagne awaits. Revel in a night of passion and luxury, deepening connections in this idyllic setting.

Day 2: Day of Discovery and Delight

Morning: Sunrise and Breakfast

Wake up to the serene beauty of the Pacific and the gentle sounds of nature. Savor a delicious breakfast on the aft deck as you cruise south toward Yelapa. The excitement of new adventures and intimate moments with like-minded companions fills the air on your swingers yacht cruise in Puerto Vallarta.

Late Morning: Yelapa Adventure

Arrive at the charming fishing village of Yelapa. Take a short shuttle to the village and embark on a horseback ride to the stunning waterfalls. Explore the rustic charm of Yelapa and enjoy the tranquility of this hidden gem. The shared experiences and picturesque views create perfect moments for making lasting memories.


Afternoon: Water Sports and Beach Time

Return to the yacht for a delightful lunch. Spend the afternoon enjoying water sports and beach activities. Try out wave runners, snorkeling, or simply relax on floating Lily Pads. The shared laughter and joy foster a unique camaraderie among the group.

Evening: Dinner and Dancing at Majahuitas

Cruise to Majahuitas Beach Club for a sumptuous multi-course dinner. Dance the night away on the beach, feeling the sand between your toes and the rhythm of the waves. Experience the vibrant nightlife and exclusive ambiance of this world-famous beach club, a haven for swingers yacht cruise in Puerto Vallarta.

Night: Overnight at Majahuitas

After a night of dancing and fun, return to the yacht for a peaceful overnight stay at Majahuitas. Relax on deck under the stars or retreat to your cabin for a restful sleep, cherishing the connections made and the memories created.


Day 3: Relaxation and Pampering

Morning: Majahuitas Cove Serenity

Wake up anchored in the serene Majahuitas Cove. Enjoy a fresh breakfast on the yacht while taking in the breathtaking views of the crystal-clear waters and pristine beach. The tranquility of the morning sets a perfect tone for the day.

Late Morning: Couples Massage and Water Fun

As we begin our journey north, skilled masseuses board the yacht for a rejuvenating couples massage. Spend the day basking in the beauty of the bay, whale watching, dolphin spotting, or fishing. Visit secluded coves for more swimming and water toy fun, ensuring every moment is filled with joy and relaxation.

Afternoon: Intimate Beach Picnic

Enjoy a gourmet picnic on a secluded beach. Lounge on plush beach towels, savoring delectable treats prepared by our chef. The privacy of the beach allows for intimate conversations and shared moments, deepening the connections formed during your trip.

Evening: Final Sunset Dinner

As the sun sets on your final evening, enjoy a romantic four-course meal prepared by our chef. Dine under the stars with candlelight, savoring the perfect ambiance and magical atmosphere. Celebrate the connections made and the experiences shared.

Night: Return to Marina Puerto Vallarta

Conclude your unforgettable journey with a return to the beautiful Marina Puerto Vallarta. Drift off to sleep with dreams of your extraordinary adventure and the memories made on this swingers yacht cruise in Puerto Vallarta.

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* The price varies for this package depending on the type of yacht, duration of trip and other amenities requested.

sunset dinner on a yacht - Swingers Yacht Cruise in Puerto Vallarta